Change is possible

Not many people know this about me but I suffer with anxiety and various other mental health issues. It's not something I have felt particularly comfortable in expressing publicly in detail, ever. Close friends know but that's about it. I have suffered with various things since a young age but I didn't really know what it all was until two years ago. I didn't realise that other people didn't experience these things to the extent that I do.

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I have suffered with various forms of anxiety and mental health problems since childhood; separation anxiety, co-dependence, relationship anxiety, self-esteem issues, trust issues, chronic stress and bouts of depression. I have always had counselling on and off in my worst patches.

Two years ago was a really, really bad time for me. It was crippling. My life felt like it was falling apart. But two years on and I've learnt to cope. I've delved deep into who I am to find out why my mind behaves in this way. I am now on good terms with my mind but know that it can turn against me at any point so daily self care is essential. Today I woke up feeling good. I said something positive straight away and I heard the surprise in my boyfriend's voice. Change is possible. I am proof. For anyone suffering, never think that that is how you will always feel. Everything is temporary, even thought and feelings. Remember this when it feels all consuming. It can and will pass.

Why do I love teaching yoga?

The growth of this rose symbolises it perfectly for me. It's transformation. In the early days of your practice you start as a bud, needing water and light to grow. You face your struggles on your yoga mat, week in and week out, all the while nourishing your body, mind and soul through your practice, whether it's good or bad. You learn and grow with your practice. Then one day, you finally understand how a posture feels or you get 10 seconds of bliss in meditation where your mind is focused only on one thing, and you turn into that beautiful rose. As a teacher, I get to experience that every day when I teach my students. I get to see them blossom and that makes it all worth it. 

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