Yoga Etiquette

A few of my students wanted me to write a blog on the etiquette of attending a yoga class so here goes...

1. Respect personal space - people come to yoga to relax and switch off. They don't want to have to deal with someone sitting too close to them or walking over their mat. Respect those around you and place your mat down appropriately. Move as quietly as you can while getting ready for class.

2. Arrive on time - try to arrive 10 minutes early so you have time to remove your shoes and coat and get settled on your yoga mat. If your class starts at 8pm and you arrive at 8pm the likelihood is that your teacher will have already started. Your arrival will disrupt the class environment (no matter how quietly you sneak in!) and no-one wants to have all eyes turn to them as they open the door...

3. Wear appropriate clothing - without sounding old fashioned, there is an appropriate way to dress in a yoga class. You will probably sweat during it but it's best to try to cover as much of your body as you can. If you don't, it can mean some people end up feeling quite uncomfortable if they are behind you during a standing forward bend. This goes out to men and women!

4. Leave your shoes and bags in the designated area - there will usually be a place for you to leave your shoes and belongings during class. Please respect the space and your teacher's wishes and leave your things outside of the yoga space. This allows the space to feel open and spacious, rather than messy. It's all about creating the perfect ambiance for you.