“I decided to start regular 1 – 2 – 1 yoga classes with Kat to help me to progress in my personal yoga practice. Kat is an intuitive and knowledgeable teacher and is a devoted student of yoga. She plans each session to specifically address areas that I need to develop in my practice. She always makes the learning both challenging and fun. I am preparing for my own yoga teacher training and decided to invest in the 1 – 2 – 1 classes with Kat to prepare me for the intense training to come and it has been a worthwhile investment. My yoga practice has gained in both strength and confidence and having Kat to myself for an hour and a half is a great opportunity to ask questions and try postures that I would not otherwise attempt. I highly recommend Kat, she is simply great” - Gordon

“Kat’s 1:1 yoga sessions offer me a chance to really focus on my yoga. Kat has a lovely warm and nurturing approach and she tailors all our sessions to what I need, offering very helpful adjustments and working towards more advanced poses. Whilst developing my own yoga practice, I have benefited greatly from these sessions, where Kat is attentive to my strengths and challenges me in postures. I feel that together, I am able to push myself and build on specific postures according to my goals based on an individualised plan that Kat and I work on. Kat has a lovely ability to really tune in to what suits me and to challenge me to the right level. Her attentiveness and focus has been influential in my yoga progress” - Helen

"I just want to say a massive thank you for being my teacher at Kalindi Yoga. I have been practising yoga for over 20 years, and after returning to the UK a few years ago, I really searched to find a yoga class that met my needs. I wanted a spiritual meditative mindful environment where my practice would be nurtured and allowed to grow. Your classes give me all of this and more. I always look forward to my Saturday morning class, knowing that it will uplift me." - Catherine

“I just joined Kat's beginners yoga class as a complete beginner.  As a teacher, Kat has years of experience and extensive knowledge and I appreciate her genuine and caring nature.  I started with arranging a 1-2-1 session first and that was a real ice breaker for me. She made me feel at ease from the moment we met and I enjoyed every minute of it, especially being taught how to breathe deeply. Kat is wonderfully patient and I am certain she is the right person for helping any beginner find yoga beneficial in whatever way they might need. I am definitely benefiting from it already!” - Jana