Kat (spiritual name, Kalindi) trained in Goa, India. She completed her 200 hours Teacher Training with Yogaprema, a RYS Registered School of Yoga, after two years of study and practice with her teacher, Lila Conway, of Yogaprema. She now teaches yoga full-time with classes in Frome, Bath and Bristol. She also runs workshops, retreat days and retreats and offers private yoga sessions for individuals or groups.

Kat’s journey

In 2012, Kat was travelling around India. She hadn’t gone there on a spiritual journey of any sort and it sounds cliche to say that her yoga journey began in India but it just kind of happened. Kat had never planned on trying yoga. She had no idea what it was or any interest in it.

However, one day she randomly found herself on top of a hostel rooftop practising yoga for the first time overlooking the Ganges. She attended the class with curiosity and an open mind. She couldn’t touch her toes or flex her feet properly in a seated forward bend or do many of the other things in the class. Everything hurt after her first class. Everything. But having been moved by the stillness yoga brought to her mind, on her return home she practised intensely and has deepened her knowledge of yoga theory through self-study and development ever since. After completing her 200 hours in 2014, Kalindi decided to begin teaching in Frome and Bristol so she could offer others the experience of yoga. She has found it to be truly transformational both in her body and mind. Her outlook on life has changed, she has gone from being insecure to confident and able to stand up for herself. Because of these changes, she lives a much happier and healthier life.

Kat’s teaching style

Kalindi teaches from the heart. She sees yoga as fundamental to her life; it is her passion and this shines through in her teaching. Her focus within each class is on using breath awareness and alignment to ensure safe practice. She incorporates ROM (range of movement) exercises into her classes to help her students gain mobility, not just flexibility, and encourages intuitive movement. She believes real yoga is about listening to your own body - not forcing yourself to achieve a ‘shape’ your body is not yet ready for.

Alignment cues are offered to help you drop into the postures and the sensations you may feel but you are the only person who can feel your body so Kat offers you the chance to change a posture if it is not working for you. You are never expected to hold something that doesn’t feel right for you.

Expect her to challenge your understanding of your body. Expect her to break postures down into the minutiae using Iyengar inspired alignment. Kalindi will always ensure you are safe but she doesn’t expect you to follow blindly. Yoga is your journey. You must feel, you must connect to your own body to get the benefits this beautiful practice can bring. Kalindi brings an authentic yet modern approach to her classes. Expect Sanskrit mantras, modern yoga warm ups and strengthening exercises and traditional yoga postures. You will leave each class feeling calm, accomplished and stretched out.

Further information

Kalindi has also taken further training and study to support injured students with Dr Yogi. She has a solid awareness of how to practice with injuries and can offer adjustments to help you to either make a posture more comfortable or offer strengthening exercises to help you work towards gaining the mobility back in to that part of your body.

Kat is recommended by physiotherapists in Frome and Bristol. Body in Motion Rehab and Portland Therapy Centre both refer clients to her for private sessions with confidence.