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12 Month Stress and Anxiety Relief Programme

Kalindi Yoga’s 12 month stress and anxiety relief programme has been designed to help manage the physiological symptoms and thought patterns that are experienced with stress and anxiety. The programme will focus on using yoga, mindfulness and meditation to explore how you respond to stress and anxiety and how we can work together to create a calmer response.

This online programme is for anyone experiencing any type of stress or anxiety. It’s for you if you want to learn how to manage your response to stress and anxiety in a holistic way. If you struggle with:

  • short temper or feelings of anger in reaction to stress

  • reluctance to complete tasks

  • lack of focus and concentration

  • regular nervousness or ‘butterfly’ sensations within the abdomen

  • heart flutters, rapid heartbeat

  • fatigue and lethargy

  • poor digestion, stomach cramps not caused by illness

  • sweaty hands, feelings of being flushed

  • physical tension within the body

  • low mood that you can’t shift

Then you may want to read on to see if we can help.

On completion of the course, we aim for you to:

  • understand how stress and anxiety works

  • be able to confidently notice when you are experiencing stress and/or anxiety and have a set of tools you can rely on to help relieve those symptoms

  • have improved mental and physical health due to a reduction in your stress response

  • move forward in life using your new set of skills

The programme will run over 12 consecutive months with guided yoga classes, meditations and coaching calls personalised to suit your needs and your schedule, from the comfort of your own home.

We often find fitting in self care to be difficult when everything else in our day appears to be more important. That’s why we’ve chosen to make this programme online. You choose your slots for your classes, meditations and coaching calls, fitting it into your lifestyle, helping you to make your mental health a priority.

All classes, meditations and coaching calls will be done via Skype. You will receive:

  • an electronic workbook to record your progress

  • recorded classes for you to practice at home between our sessions

  • recorded meditations for you to use at home between our sessions

  • one guided class a week via Skype

  • one guided meditation a week via Skype

  • one coaching call a week via Skype

You will receive 12 months of care and nurturing, all to yourself. During the programme, we aim for you to feel empowered with a new sense of calm and freedom in your life. No prior experience of yoga and meditation required. Suitable for beginners.

The programme will cover:

  • noticing where your stress and/or anxiety lies in your body

  • uncovering your main fears or stressors

  • learning to be comfortable in the uncomfortable moments

  • learning to accept yourself as you are

  • how to let go of some of your biggest fears and stressors

  • reconnecting to who you are without stress and/or anxiety

  • setting intentions for the year and beyond

  • taking the techniques learnt on the mat into your day to day routine

Yoga and meditation can help relieve stress and anxiety as they are linked to how our amygdala fires. Our amygdala is responsible for our perception of emotions. It holds memories for us of events and emotions so we can learn from those experiences. For example, if something bad happens to you, it’s your amygdala that captures this and thus may make you scared of the same thing in the future. It’s a pattern of learned behaviour.

When we are in a state of stress or anxiety, we are in our sympathetic nervous system - this is the system that prepares us to fight or fly. It’s the system that fires the amygdala. Yoga and meditation drop us into our parasympathetic nervous system - the system that is our rest and digest function. The more time we can spend connecting to our parasympathetic nervous system, the more we can learn to let go of those fears and stressors. To know that there is another, calmer part to ourselves. You are not your stress and anxiety. They are only a small part of you. Yoga and meditation gives our bodies and brains a chance to recover from the constant firing of our amygdala.

Stress and anxiety need to be noticed and observed. They need to be looked at to understand them and manage them. The more we push things away, the bigger problem we are causing for ourselves. Noticing and observing your stress and/or anxiety doesn’t mean sitting in a constant state of panic, it actually means the opposite. This programme will teach you how to notice your stress and/or anxiety, accept it’s there and process it in a healthy way. Trust us, this is possible.

If you are at a point in your life when this is what you need, a guiding hand that can teach you how, then get in touch today. We offer a 15 minute free consultation to see if working together is a fit.

Disclaimer: We are not providing a counselling service through this programme. We are not qualified counsellors. We can only offer advice in regards to your yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice and on how to use these skills to help manage your symptoms. We are qualified yoga teachers. The coaching calls are to discuss your yoga and meditation practice and not to offer a counselling service. We will refrain, in all circumstances, from offering our opinion on what you should do regarding your mental health as we are not qualified to give this advice. Any tips we give, in classes, coaching calls and in the workbook, are based on our own personal experience of stress and anxiety and should not be taken as guaranteed solutions. This is an interactive course that requires your time and effort to see results. We are here as your yoga teacher, not your counsellor.

Email: kalindiyoga@outlook.com

Phone: 07504844166

Early bird offer until September 2019 - £2800 (£3500 thereafter). Payment plans available. Contact us to discuss.

About Kat

Hi, I’m Kat from Kalindi Yoga. I’ve experienced anxiety throughout most of my life. When I was younger, I was always told to ‘stop worrying’ and to stop ‘making things more complicated than they are’. But to me it felt normal to have that amount of worry about everything.

As I got older, I realised that perhaps maybe I did think too much about things. It consumed a lot of my time. I was always in my head, thinking, worrying, obsessing. I have suffered with various forms of anxiety and mental health problems from a young age; separation anxiety, relationship anxiety, co-dependency, trust issues, self-esteem, chronic stress, depression. I never felt I was worthy of anyone’s love. I had no confidence. I looked to others for approval. I doubted every decision I made. Some days, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I wanted to hide because I felt safe there. I had my worst bout of anxiety in 2018 and I felt like I lost the real me. I felt like I was losing my grip on reality. It completely controlled me.

In 2018, my episode placed a lot of strain on my relationship due to my trust issues surfacing. I felt as if I was losing my mind. Every day, a random hurtful thought would come into my mind from nowhere and it would paralyse me. I would get a panic attack; my face would flush, my chest would get tight, my heart would pound and I would have to leave wherever I was to get away. Every single day I would ask my partner questions, pester him, phone him. I was like a woman possessed. I knew that this behaviour was not the real me. I knew I had to get better. I didn’t want to live in this emotional turmoil and I most definitely did not want to lose my partner. So I started reading up lots about anxiety. I had counselling. I tried many different things to gain an understanding as to why I reacted this way. I looked deep within myself to see if I could spot my learned behaviours and patterns. I went into my past and saw how my experiences shaped my understanding of the world. I researched. I read and read and read. I started practising the things I had learnt about stress and anxiety and brought these into my yoga practice. That was the birth of this programme.

My hope is that this programme helps you reconnect to the real you. That it helps you to understand that your stress and anxiety does not have to define who you are and that you can learn to control it, rather than having it control you. I look forward to sharing your journey with you.